Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sunday 5th August - back again!

  • Two interesting items in recent days in the Telegraph. I shall try to provide links to them both - having sought technical advice from the Roman Miscellanist (such a modern priest!).
Christopher Howse in his "End Column" on Friday talks about Brideshead Revisited (the new film) and the scenes around Lord Marchmain's deathbed

In Stella (which comes with the Sunday Telegraph) Linda Kelsey writing the first person column talks "20-something years down the line" about the child she never had ending with the comment "but this much I know: however supportive I am of the 'right to choose', I could never, having had one child, abort another. Abortion is as easy as signing a consent form; the aftermath may just linger a lifetime" Tell us something we don't know ! Good that an article such as this appears in a magazine which describes itself as "all about the very best in fashion and features"

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